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SAD MAN and Francis Lowe have collaborated to create and record six stories, each one unique, but each one revealing layers of a mysterious place where magic, the supernatural and tales of the unexpected intertwine across time. 

"It’s cinematic in scope, brilliantly written and composed, and it definitely leaves it mark on the listener. Part homage to folklore, the occult and the traditions of magical storytelling, part exploration of the human psyche; ultimately it is something quite unique. Bigger than the sum of its murky and mysterious parts, Stories From An Island is an endlessly fascinating album" - Bobby D Gant, Inquitous Glory 

"Press play and begin to absorb yourself in Stories From An Island. Close your eyes, listen carefully and allow yourself to be transported." - Gordon Rutherford, Louder Than War 

"A bespoke vision that sees both collaborators pushing themselves – especially Andrew who proves himself an impressively burgeoning soundtrack composer with filmic ambitions – the third chapter in the Cue Dot series is a truly escapist and immersive experience of well-crafted, descriptive sonics and winding, brilliant literature. - Monolith Cocktail

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