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The SAD MAN show is a quarterly radio show on CAMP Radio. It is an interview show where Musicians talk about their work and their relationship to the visual arts. 

Episode 1 - Matters Band
Episode 2 - Sam Sharp

Episode 3 - Anna Palmer

Episode 4 - Cue Dot Records


CAMP Radio, broadcasting direct from our revolutionary arts facility high in the French Pyrenees. On these airwaves can be found a diverse array of audible pleasures, from drones to poetry, punk to grime, improv to environmental sound. We have regular shows from Wire Magazine, Ashtray Navigations, WANDA GROUP, Bomb Shop, Muyassar Kurdi, Tor Press, Crow Vs Crow, Star Turbine, Golden Lab Recordings, Astral Social Club, EIS HAUS, Sicsic Tapes, Outblinker, Guttersnipe, Was Ist Das? and many more.

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