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The new Dark Jazz Album lands July 2023 on Irregular Patterns

“It’s weird, it’s interesting, it’s challenging, maybe slightly discombobulating as well” Jamz Supernova - BBC 6 Music 


“More bite than a cage of hungry wildcats”

Mat Smith - Electronic Sound Magazine


“Like a moon-guided abstract fear; a ghostly voyage aboard a Kubrickian, Lovecraftian and Tarkovskyian space 

freighter this new vision scopes lunar caverns and the deep cosmos.”

Monolith Cocktail


The Dark Jazz Project release a 21 track monster of a double album. At nearly 2 hours running time this album sees DJP traverse a vast terrane,  structurally and sonically deep diving into the dark abyss of electronic music. 


Choc-a-block of musical ideas, DJP3 rhythms and textures lurch unpredictably from chaos to ear splattering jazz noise, whilst always retaining a musical honesty at its heart. 


The album loosely soundtracks a story of a medieval king who finds himself caught in a time paradox after the discovering a magical creature who possess endless energy giving qualities, and who is gifted to the peoples of the neighbouring kingdom. The kingdoms exploitation of the creature has unforeseen consequences which are in equal measure baffling as they are familiar.

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